Shelter Pets Give You So Much Love

Maybe, as you consider buying an animal, you’ve overlooked your community’s animal shelter. Slowly, you’ve been saving up the thousands of dollars you need for that pedigree pet you’ve been waiting for, seemingly forever. Change your focus. Look at rescue pets instead.

You Save a Pet’s Life

Animals in shelters have been relinquished for several reasons. Maybe they were abandoned by their previous owners. Whatever the reason, when you adopt a pet from a shelter, you’re saving its life. If it stays in the shelter, it’s more likely to be euthanized.

No Two Shelter Rescues are Alike

Okay, so a rescued pet may not be a pedigreed animal, but it will, for sure, be one individual, unique animal. You won’t find another like it anywhere else (unless it had a twin). You’ll get so much love, you’ll forget you ever thought of buying a pedigree animal.

Resist Animal Cruelty

Pets bought from pet stores are often “products” of puppy and kitten mills, which don’t always take care to provide the best care for the parents and babies. They may be sick.

Be an Example

If your neighborhood is populated with “pet store” pets, take a walk on the other side of the street. Adopt a shelter animal and, just maybe, you’ll give others the nudge they need to do the same.

Slow Down Overpopulation of the Animal Population

When animals come into the shelter, they are given full health checks, parasite checks, de-wormings, immunizations. . . and they are spayed or neutered. Result: You help to slow animal overpopulation.

Your Rescued Pet Will be in Better Health

This means that, when a pet is ready for adoption, it is in good health and less likely to pass illnesses on to other pets you may have.

Dollars to Rescues. .  .

Compare a pedigree animal’s cost to a rescue pet’s. You’ll spend at least $700 for that pedigree animal. That rescue: At most, $200. All told. Seriously!

You’re Helping Your Community and Shelter

Adopting a shelter pet means you’re helping your community’s shelter. These are chronically short of badly needed funding. When you adopt a rescue, your dollars are used to help get other strays, abandoned or relinquished animals off the streets.

Come On! They’re Waiting!

So, what’s the reason for your delay? Every minute you wait means a minute without the love of a rescued, adopted pet in your life.


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