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Analyzing the Scope of Services Offered at Riverside Mobile Veterinary Clinic

One of our more popular veterinary services is the mobile veterinary clinic, proven to be a popular option for some pet owners in the area. For most pets, the drive out to the local clinic is always stressful. The change in environment is deemed unsettling as well as cumbersome. For most homeowners, these drives are inevitable, so they basically just go through the motions. Taking the pet miles away from home also consumes a lot of time and gets in the way of daily activities, be it work, studies or family. Some pet owners are disabled while others are simply too old to be moving around much, which means they have to call others to drive them and their pets out to clinics. At times, they end up paying the people who get them to the clinics.


The Riverside Veterinary Clinic mobile service ensures that all this does not happen by offering assistance from the convenience of the pet owner’s home or at least within a reasonable distance.

What We Promise to Our Clients

Pets make amazing friends. Whether you keep a dog, a cat or a pocket pet, you always develop a strong sense of attachment over time. It is therefore important to ensure that your friend has regular checkups from time to time to ensure that their health is always in full bloom. At Riverside Mobile Veterinary Clinic, we have a wonderful team of professionals whose expertise lies in ensuring that your pet receives thorough examination in the event of a visit. Their areas of specialization range from vaccination, dental hygiene and overall pet health.

Veterinary Clinic Kitten and Dog

What We Ask From You

As a mobile veterinary service, we are always interested in the health of your dog or cat. If the animal has been behaving in particular way, always keep notes so that we can make deductions on what the source of the problem could be. For example, when some homeowners buy new puppies, they become concerned because in some cases the pets refuse to eat or use their litter boxes. The real problem here is that these pets eat and use the boxes, only that they do it when no one is around or at least when no one is looking. This points toward a problem with acclimatizing to new environments and not being comfortable with the people in it. For a vet to understand these concerns, there is always a need for the owner to provide some information that shows a semblance of pattern because after all, one day is not enough to make deductions. We therefore ask that you stay informed on what your pet does, eats, and refuses to eat as well as any other relevant occurrence.

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Has your pet been acting strangely lately?

Our Services

Our mobile veterinary clinic offers raft of services designed to ensure that the health condition of pets remains right up there. Below is a rundown of some.

Veterinary Clinic Boxer
Time for a check up?

· Routine checkups

While pets are not always that vulnerable and it does not always require the services of our emergency veterinary clinic, it pays to ensure that your pets health is good all the time. When they are not healthy, then they are not happy. They tend to lose passion and the toll it takes on their life is easy to see. However, there are situations in which your pet will not show any signs that they are unwell. There is still a chance that they have health problems simmering from within. At times, it is easy to let things be, thinking that everything is just fine. This is dangerous for both the animal and you as the owner, as aggravated conditions threaten the life of the pet and have a telling financial effect. It is always recommended to book routine checks with us so that you can know where your pet’s health is at.

· Treatment

Owners who monitor their pets all the time notice changes in behavioral patterns. In situations like that, it is always easy for us to examine the pet and advise on further action. Sometimes, we discover that pets that come for regular checkups are actually unwell and need treatment. After careful examination, a determination to move forward is made. The problem is identified and treatment procedures are initiated. We handle a wide array of pet diseases, ranging from worms to infections.

Our aftercare services involve following up on the progress made over time and ensuring that both the owner and the pet are doing everything right. We routinely keep in touch with our clients, staying up to speed with the recuperation process and offering guidance that helps hasten the healing process.
Riverside Veterinary Clinic Surgery

· Surgery

We have had incidences where pets such as rabbits and cats became ill in ways that could never be solved using regular medication. In cases like that, we offer to perform procedures on the animals. Now, this is a jittery topic with some owners because they feel that surgery is too risky and might lead to the death of their beloved pets. We understand these concerns, and this explains why we have a team whose work is always flawless. In addition to that, we have the latest technologies, which ensures that survival and recovery is almost guaranteed.

old dogs time for euthansia
Owners of old pets can face difficult choices if the pet is suffering.

· Euthanasia

It is always a sad day when a decision to relieve a pet of their pain has to be made. Unfortunately, some disorders become too serious and get out of control. You realize that whatever you try can never really guarantee that your pet will resume its vibrancy. Once we realize that the animal is too sick to save, we make an honest evaluation and furnish you with the news. At times, there are no diseases involved, just pets getting too old to move about and live like their kind. When the owner makes the decision to part ways with a pet, we put the final plans in motion. We ensure that at the very end, the pet is in a familiar environment, surrounded by family and patted lovingly throughout. Afterwards, some of our clients request cremation services, something we can help with.
mobile veterinary clinic

At Riverside Veterinary Mobile Clinic, we care about the happiness of your pet just as much as we care about you. That is why we always strive hard to make it easy for you to benefit from our services. Our professionals have been in the industry for years and know what to do to get your pet’s health thriving, whether it’s a cat, a dog, a rabbit or a pocket type.

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