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For those who own pets, they are part of the family and we love playing with them and having them around. We value them as much as you do and that is why we are offering affordable vet care to ensure your pet goes on living a healthy life to the fullest extent possible. We have a team of fully qualified veterinarians who are experienced in all forms of health care related to animals both minor and major problems. We also have several vet nurses at the clinic so you can be sure that your pet is in safe hands. Our veterinary clinic is a compassionate low cost vet clinic near you in Riverside.

Veterinary Services Offered

Our affordable pet clinic offers veterinary services to all animals including cats, dogs, birds and other animals. We know how much you value your pets so our team will ensure we give them the best possible and affordable vet care so that they can get well as soon as possible and reunite with you. Some of the services we offer include:

  1. Routine Checkups: We perform checkups for your pets once in a while to determine whether they are healthy. This is important since we can be able to recognize a problem that cannot be easily recognized and treat it immediately so that it does not become uncontrolled or very serious.
  2. Diagnosis: If your pet is not feeling well, our qualified veterinarians will do a thorough examination and diagnose your pet with the illness it has. Prompt treatment will follow.
  3. Vaccinations: We determine the most suitable vaccinations for your pet to ensure they regain their health and remain in a healthy state for the longest time possible. The vaccines we offer include dog vaccinations, cat vaccinations, puppy vaccinations and kitten vaccinations. You can be assured that all the vaccinations we have are safe and effective.
  4. Radiology and Ultrasound: If your pet has any foreign objects in the body, we have the tools and expertise needed to remove these objects. Our diagnosis tools used for such cases are non-invasive hence, your pet will be safe and comfortable during the procedure. Digital radiology is available in the large animal department. It allows our vets to evaluate your pet’s reproductive, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary conditions. If your pet requires any assistance including reproductive assistance, we will gladly provide it.
  5. Endoscopy: We can diagnose the heart and other internal body organs rapidly and in a non-invasive method which is safe. The equipment used for this has advanced technology and this will help us do a thorough
  6. Neuters; This reduces the risk of cancer of the mammary glands in females. It also lowers the risk of cancer of the prostrate and the testicles. There are many other health benefits of neuters apart from these.
  7. Surgeries: Our veterinarians who perform surgeries are gentle, acknowledging the feelings of your pet. During the surgery, they keep in mind the safety of your pet as well as pain management. They also use the most advanced methods available in the industry. We perform orthopedic surgeries, soft tissue surgeries and tonometry. The equipments used are modern and safe.
  8. Euthanasia; We understand that you do not want to see your pet suffering continually due to an illness that cannot be treated or any other reasons. We thus offer the euthanasia service to end your pet’s life in a compassionate way.

We also have a fully equipped emergency veterinary clinic which is available for 24 hours every day including weekends.

Our Facilities

  1. In-House Lab: In this lab, we test for a variety of things including blood count, lyme disease, FeLV and parasite testing among many other things.
  2. In-House Pharmacy: The pharmacy is very convenient since you can get medication for your pet right from the clinic instead of going to search for them elsewhere. It also saves you time. The pharmacy is also beneficial to us since we can administer medication to your pet in emergency situations that require fast treatment.

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Our Mobile Veterinary Clinic

We understand that you may not always be able to come to us and that is why we are offering to come to you. Our mobile veterinary clinic is an extended low cost vet clinic. Our mobile clinic is aimed at saving your pet the trouble of having to travel a long distance while unwell since this may make it feel even worse and exhausted. A variety of services are available including:

  • Checkups; A check up every now and then is essential even if your pet is feeling well. At times, they may develop illnesses that do not show any signs. The earlier we diagnose it the better so that your pet can be treated early and avoid situations whereby it is too late to administer any treatment. You can book a check up with us.
  • Treatment; We are equipped with tools and medication required in case we discover any illnesses in your pet or in case there is an emergency situation that may require surgery promptly. All the equipment required for diagnosis and treatment is available in the van.

We love to do our best to help your pet get back to good health as soon as possible. However, did you know you can also play a part in its well-being? You can do so by observing it closely and keeping records of things that you may think are irrelevant. Keep track of times when it is not eating normally, if it is behaving in a strange manner or if it is not as playful as it normally is. This information can be used by our vets to come to a conclusion on what the problem could be.

Our clinic does not only offer medical services but also another important service that will ensure you do not part with you beloved pet. We insert microchips in your pet so that you can easily trace them if they get lost.

If your pet is unwell, do not hesitate to visit our clinic which is located on 9120 Magnolia Ave, Riverside. On weekdays, we are open from 8:30am to 5:30pm. On weekends, we are available on Saturday from 8:30am to 12.00pm. You can contact us via email on You can also call us on (951) 688 1620. So for affordable low cost vet care we have you covered.

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