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9 Reasons To Adopt A Dog

Bulldog boxer cross closeup

Helping to reduce puppy farming and unlawful pet shops

Puppy farming is an illegal process of breeding puppies for sale for the intent of maximizing profit, without any care or empathy for the dogs health and well being. Dogs that are used for the intent of puppy farming are unlawfully forced to breed several times, which has a significant impact on their health and the puppies that are born. They are often kept in terrible conditions without any basic care. Those that run these puppy farms are not concerned about the dogs health as their only vested interest is money made from the sale of the puppies.

These particular dogs often receive ever little, or no veteran healthcare and are often destroyed once they’ve been used several times to produce puppies.
In addition to this dogs and puppies for sale at ‘pet shops’ are products of this unlawful breeding practice and are subjected to terrible circumstances. Adopting a dog or puppy from a reputable breeder, animal charity, or animal shelter, will help toward reducing this awful breeding process and prevent you from funding this illegal trade.


Saving a dogs life

Adopting can help provide animals with a second chance that they truly deserve. Many poor animals that have been rescued have often been subjected to horrific conditions such as neglect, cruelty and on some occasion’s abandonment. There are also occasions where the owner is no longer able to care for their animals due to ill health or death.

Those that work at shelters and charities work very hard in nursing the animals back to good health and help them become rehabilitate. Everything is done to ensure that the animal is fully prepared to go to a new home. Deciding to adopt a dog, or puppy can give them a new, loving stable home and help stop overpopulation and there are many lovely dogs for adoption available all over the UK.


Can help benefit children

Children can be taught valuable life skills through owning a pet, such as the importance of responsibility. Re-homing a pet will teach you children who to show empathy and compassion for others and make them think of others before themselves. Adopting a pet can also help with children’s anxiety and help provide them with the security, as their safe in the knowledge that their best friend will always be there when needed. Pets can also provide lots of love and companionship.


Save you money

Majority of shelters microchip, neuter, vaccinate and spay the animals that come into their care. This can help you save money on the costs to provide this necessary treatment, as you wont have to pay out for this yourself. The cost to adopt a pet is far cheaper than buying a pet from a breeder.


Majority of the animals are house trained

Animals that come from shelters, or charities have often been house trained in their previous home if they are older. This can help save you lots of time of training them through this process.


Adopting a pet helps supports spaying and neutering

Spaying and neutering all animals is very important in helping control the animal population. Many pets that are not spayed or neutered contribute towards the issue of unwanted animals, which results in over populated animals shelters. Adopting an animal means that your pet has been spayed or neutered.


Older animals make wonderful companions

Many of those that consider adopting a pet, often go for puppies or kittens without looking at the advantages of having an older pet. If the pet has already received their training, then your house is less likely to be destroyed from biting, toilet accidents and general issues from having a puppy or kitten. Older pets are much calmer, quiet and love noting more than to sit and relax within your company. Puppies and kittens require far more attention and often are very demanding in their early stages. Older pets have established their personality and behavioural traits, so it’s much easier for you to see which would be the best fit for you and your family.


Improve your health and happiness

There’s has been lots of studies that have shown that owning a pet can elongate your life and help combat stress and anxiety levels. It can also help with depression and may other aliments. The affection received from owning a pet can help form strong bonds. Stroking your pet can help reduce your stress levels and blood pressure and playing with them can increase your serotonin levels and dopamine that your body produce, which makes you feel calmer and relaxed.

Walking with your pet can also help work towards your exercise goals and meet other like-minded pet owners.


Forever unconditional love

Finally, the companionship between you and your pet is unbreakable, and they will love you regardless of whatever happens and will always be there for you. It has been said that animals that have been reduced form the strongest bonds and will forever be grateful.


Bio: Giedrius loves to write about pets of all kinds and is a regular dog advice blogger at Mypetzilla

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